Official HWBOT World Tour 2015 - Gamers Assembly Europe Aftermovie Published!

The HWBOT World Tour event last weekend at Gamers Assembly in France was a great success. Everyone left the venue tired but satisfied, and as the HWBOT staff is on the road to the next European overclocking event in Germany, we want to share the after-movie and image gallery of the event. Enjoy!

PS: feel free to let us know what you thought about the event in the poll on the right hand side (in the sidebar on the front page) and in the comment section below!

HWBOT World Tour 2015 - Gamers Assembly Europe


Belgium Massman says:

Thanks for joining everyone. See you next year!

France loul says:

thank you again for a the great time !!

Antarctica Trouffman says:

Thank you guys for the event ! This was awesome to have a chat with everyone, enjoy some late night talk and seing eveyrone pleased with the outcome of the event !

France Mylth says:

Thanks you a lot of fun this week end, see you next year for the same event ! I just hope that we would have nicer gamer near us !

France Xyala says:

Hahha, yeah next year we either go full out on the sound-proofing or we try to get a bit further away form the console gamers...

Czech Republic Aerou says:

Easy. Just steal the rest of the XBOXes

France 2ShEp says:

Haha good idea Aerou xD I have take a lot of fun, thks for all ;) See you next year for a bigger event !

Czech Republic Aerou says:

Although I have been to only a few of the major OC events, and only in Europe, I still would like to say that this was the best. I am already looking forward to next year. Three days full of the best that overclocking can be.

Netherlands Oldscarface says:

Had a blast. Next year I will join again for sure Thanks to all.

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