MSI MOA 2015 - Extreme Master Series kick off! Join and win the Grand Prize of COMPUTEX Trip

There are three benching stages for participants, the highest score wins points the most. Top 2 winners can win the Grand Prize, the COMPUTEX trip, which is your chance to stand in front of the flash light and to be a part of worldwide skillful overclockers. The winners in 3rd to 5th places will be awarded MSI hero products. Furthermore, if the participants submit in all 3 stages, they will be qualified to enter the lucky draw. Don’t miss out this event!

Grand Prize Champion & Runner-up: flight and accommodations to COMPUTEX 2015 trip

The competition starts from April 1st to April 30th, and open for all HWBOT members. Details please refer to the contest webpage:!/round/msi_moa2015_extrememaster.


South Africa Vivi 说:

koool comp (for me)!!

just few questions,

1. how will USA es 5960x be enforced? there are plenty 5.6 - 5.7 out in the wild.
2. what bioses are allowed for GTX 980 Gaming. Because the normal bioses aren't good for scores, but if everyone uses the same it should be fine. I can supply the latest "best" bios if you need.
3. is Epower / gpower allowed?

Its another gem HW contest though :P

Belgium Massman 说:

1. We can't enforce that which can't be monitored. I think that says it all. 2. All BIOSes, as long as it says MSI and is available 3. Rules state: "External power circuit disallowed."

South Africa Vivi 说:

thanks massman! lets roll

Poland Xtreme Addict 说:

Looks not bad :)

Indonesia Lucky_n00b 说:

Woah, only two places, going to be tight :o