HWBOT Word Tour 2015: North America - The Aftermovie

The first leg of the HWBOT World Tour is now behind us, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t relive the action and enjoy some great highlights of the event. Thanks goes to event partners Trouff and Xalya of OverClocking-TV who have put together a series of awesome videos that includes some insightful and revealing interviews with several of the top players who were in attendance at LanETS, Montreal Canada. Check out the Aftermovie below.

If you are not familiar with this year’s inaugural HWBOT World Tour (perhaps you live under a rock in Outer Mongolia...), the idea is pretty simple - to provide a relaxed and social environment for overclockers to learn, share and compete with a genuine emphasis on nurturing the next generation while also providing a platform for some seriously extreme overclocking.

The World Tour will visit Europe during Gamers Assembly in Poitiers, France on April 4-6, with the Asian leg scheduled during Computex in June. The first stop on the tour however took place earlier his month during the largest Lan Party on the North American continent: LanETS in Montreal.

Newbies getting schooled!

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/365545826963275/.

HWBOT.org Link: http://hwbot.org

As well as offering some overclocking workshops where total newbies and amateurs were given the chance to get a taste of what the sport is all about. Thanks to DimasTech and Microbytes for providing the hardware.

Newbies getting schooled!

Of course the LanETS event also attracted plenty of more experienced players, many of whom were thrilled by the chance to bench with the LN2 that was laid on generously by Praxair Canada. In terms of competitive action we had competitions for both extreme and amateurs as part of the HWBOT World Series 2015. A big thanks partners Overclock.Net, DimasTech and Microbytes for contributing prizes.

One of the key strategies of the HWBOT World Tour is evangelize and promote overclocking as an E-Sport to the next generation of players. LanETS provided great exposure to literally thousands of PC gaming enthusiasts, many of whom we hope will take the leap and get involved in the OC global scene.

Don’t forget to like and share the video above. You can of course support the HWBOT World Tour by spreading the word! See you all next month for the European stop at the Gamers Assembly in Poitiers, France.

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