Ukrainian translation team expands with Stingryar: +36% progress. Indonesian 75% done

Last week I received a message from Xyala asking to enable the "Help with translation of HWBOT" achievement for Ukrainian overclocker Stingeryar. He took action to continue the Ukrainian translation for HWBOT and in about a week time completed almost half of the translation!

In other news, the Indonesian community geared up as well completing another 16% since the last time we covered the translation progress. They are closing on on the last (and most difficult) 20% of the work and we look forward to enabling the Indonesian language knowing how passionate the community is over there.

Thanks everyone for the hard work and effort!


Belgium richba5tard says:

Can we go live with French? Or are we waiting for the final 1%?

Austria basco says:

german is 99,80% jeeehaaaa

Belgium Massman says:


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