Competition Points Related To OC-ESPORTS Launch and HWBOT Leagues

Dear HWBOT community,

After the latest version release of the OC-ESPORTS platform two nights ago, many of you noticed a change in both Elite and Extreme Leagues. The new release includes two major features called Official World Overclocking Ranking and Official World OC Team Ranking which are respectively overclocker and overclocking team rankings based on the overclocking competitions. As the OC-ESPORTS platform is focused on competitions only, we increased granularity for the competition points to reward points according to difficulty of competition. It is this adjustment that caused a significant effect on the HWBOT Overclockers League.

In the Press Release we discuss the point algorithm for the OC-ESPORTS rankings. You can find the full explanation here. We distinguish three levels of competitions, rewarding winning live competition events the highest. You can find the current standings for the 2015 Season here.

Concerning the impact on the Overclockers League. The league total for Elite and Extreme overclockers is calculated based on the following algorithm: TOP15(GL+WR) + TOP20(HW) + CP. For Enthusiast, Novice, and Rookie the competition points were never included in the League total. The previous competition point earnings for winning a level 1, 2, or 3 competition was respectively 10, 20, and 50. The new OC-ESPORTS platform rewards 50, 100, and 250. The seismic effect this point change has on the Overclockers League was underestimated.

In a forum thread published yesterday, we read a lot of interesting comments on the importance and influence of the competition points on the HWBOT League. Some people ask for the points to be removed completely, others would like to see a re-evaluation of the points. Considering the flexibility of our HWBoint Engine, the impact of the recent update on the Leagues, and the striving for a fair and simple League structure, these are the options moving forward.

  • 1) Leave things as they are now
  • 2) Remove competition points from HWBOT Leagues
  • 3) Leave competition points, but adjust weight

We have added a poll on the right-hand side to probe the community's opinion on the three options.

We sincerely apologize for the lack of up-front communication on the effect of the new version release of the OC-ESPORTS platform. Our focus and attention was on testing and implementing the features on OC-ESPORTS and lost sight of the effects at HWBOT. This is a severe oversight on our behalf and we will do our utmost best to prevent mistakes like this in the future.

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