Dancop #1 in Overclockers League!

News just in! After a long period of 8 Pack hegemony in the HWBOT Overclockers League, we have a new king! Dancop, a German overclocker from the Hardwareluxx.de overclocking team, managed to take down 8 Pack. Scoring 2849.90 points, Dancop is leading the table with only 18.10 points margin.

Dancop truely is an inspiring example for a lot of new overclockers as he manages to become number one mostly on his own resources. He acquired his monster of a CPU, which we talked about in an previous news article, by himself. Of course it's not possible to achieve this accomplishment on your own. We see Dancop regularly thanking other overclockers such as Der8auer, BenchBros, K|ngp|n, and others too. Pretty cool to see this happening!

In the end everyone competes to their own possibilities. We look forward to seeing 8 Pack, TeamAU, and Smoke's response to this. No one is unbeatable, and the competition just got more interesting!

As a bonus feature, here is Dancop and Andi from BenchBros after their recent victory in the ASUS Open Overclocking Cup 2014 Final.

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