Dancop #1 in Overclockers League!

News just in! After a long period of 8 Pack hegemony in the HWBOT Overclockers League, we have a new king! Dancop, a German overclocker from the Hardwareluxx.de overclocking team, managed to take down 8 Pack. Scoring 2849.90 points, Dancop is leading the table with only 18.10 points margin.

Dancop truely is an inspiring example for a lot of new overclockers as he manages to become number one mostly on his own resources. He acquired his monster of a CPU, which we talked about in an previous news article, by himself. Of course it's not possible to achieve this accomplishment on your own. We see Dancop regularly thanking other overclockers such as Der8auer, BenchBros, K|ngp|n, and others too. Pretty cool to see this happening!

In the end everyone competes to their own possibilities. We look forward to seeing 8 Pack, TeamAU, and Smoke's response to this. No one is unbeatable, and the competition just got more interesting!

As a bonus feature, here is Dancop and Andi from BenchBros after their recent victory in the ASUS Open Overclocking Cup 2014 Final.


Belgium Massman says:

Very nice, Daniel! It's hard to get there and even harder to stay there though. Nice to see you give The Pack a bit of a challenge :D

Germany Dancop says:

Massman said: It's hard to get there and even harder to stay there though.

As usual!
Thanks for that news...let's see how long it's actual.


Congrats on taking the crown, Dan! Great work! :D

France Wizerty says:

Good job my friend. As you worked really hard for this you deserve it. I hope it will be an example for the new generation, a message, like : if you want to be on top, work hard for it.... Now take some reste and enjoy :D

Germany Dancop says:

After AM3, 3d05 and 3d03....for sure... But then there is sli stuff for 3d03 and heaven :D Man...I am not tired overclocking now....we'll see, what's possible :D

Portugal Billy-The-Kid says:

Congratulations for the good work , you deserve it!

TaPaKaH says:

Good job, Daniel!

Germany der8auer says:

Well done mate :)

France Taloken says:

Good job Dancop, congratulations ! :D

"One 4770k to rule them all ..."

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

Good job :)

Germany Dancop says:

Thanks a lot guys! I hope this is inspiring other newcomers! The community grew within one months from 53000 to almost 62000!!!! The more the better. I just love to be part of this amazing community!

Belgium Massman says:

You mean the HWBOT community? 62,000 is a loooooooong time ago :D

Germany Dancop says:

I was totally wrong! My fault...I meant...I was 3rd out of 52000 two weeks ago. Now I am first put of 56000...so 4000 more members in my league? Is that right?

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