Christian Ney Breaks 7-year Old Moderation Record

Amongst result moderators there is a bit of healthy competition going on as to who can moderate the most results. This year Christian Ney and Genieben moderated over 3000 results each, which is nothing if not phenomenal. For the moderators we often put up little statistics and, competitive as they are, the moderators try to improve the statistics.

On the 9th of December I (Massman) posted a statistic of "Moderations per Hour" in the staff forums, challenging Christian Ney to beat the current best. The staff is currently executing a UCBench purge, moderating a lot of faulty submissions currently in the database. The previous record was set at 193 moderations by Massman on 1st July 2007 between 10PM and 11PM (matched two years later by SF3D). Just before the end of the year, Christian Ney beat that record by 34 as he moderated 227 results in one hour.

If you had your score blocked on December 27 and feel bad about it, just remember you were not alone that day! In case anyone wonders, here's a Top-20 list of "Moderations per Hour".

Year Month Day Hour Results Moderator
2014122721227Christian Ney
201442614170Christian Ney
201442319142Christian Ney
2014978132Christian Ney
201442613128Christian Ney
201222621123Christian Ney
201222619102Christian Ney
20144279102Christian Ney
20141221983Christian Ney


Belgium leeghoofd says:

Congratz, a new company car is on the way!!

Honestly ditch all UCbench submssions...

websmile says:

Grats, must have been the hour you killed all of my UC subs :D

TaPaKaH says:

wow, someone actually beat Massman in the "I have no life" ranking :D

Christian Ney says:

K404 says:

Only 227? I think a result mod should Do a global "select all" -> delete. :D A record that will not be beaten :D

Colombia saint19 says:

Sam OCX said: wow, someone actually beat Massman in the "I have no life" ranking :D


Belgium jmke says:

I'm pretty sure I should be up there in that table of "past" moderator results/hour ;)

Belgium Massman says:

Hm, that's true Jmke. I'm including only the current active moderators in the list. Let's recompile ...

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