PC Games Hardware Features Most Rookies, Arne Saknussemm New Rookie King!

Every month we look at how well the overclocking teams are adopting new Rookie overclockers. Since our last item on the Rookie adoption of the overclocking teams we saw Overclock.net on top. This month however, the most attractive team for Rookies is the Germany team of PC Games Hardware. With 30 Rookies currently competing for the team, the Germans increased their Rookie count by 12 since last month. That's so nice. We also see a couple of new teams in the top-10, including EVGA Enthusiasts and ANU OC. Very cool!

With over 4,000 Rookies participating in the Overclockers League, the recruitement opportunities are wide open for the most enthusiastic and active overclocking teams. Check out the Rookie Overclockers League and get in touch with the people who may end up becoming the next 8 Pack, K|ngp|n or Vivi! Last month the table was ruled by the Australian overclocker Pho5ph0ric, but since he moved on to a different league the leader now is Arne Saknussemm from Team MLG. Congratulations!

Team Rookies # since Oct 19
Germany PC Games Hardware 30 +12
Canada Overclock.net 27 -1
ir nVIDIA*iNTEL 18 /
USA EVGA Enthusiasts 18 -1
Brazil CLUB DO LINK 14 +
France Cowcotland 11 -4
GB Team MLG 10 +2
Indonesia ANU OC 10 /
Italy HW Legend OC 9 /
Spain ForEvil OC Team 8 /

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