Update: Overclocking Global First Place set at HWBOT during week 48 and 49

Every two weeks we inform our press contacts about the latest evolutions for Global First Place results. In week 48 and 49 of this year, we noted 11 new Global First Place results. In the article below you can find a overview of the results. Click here for more information.

The list of scores:

  • Der8auer (Germany): 2xCPU WPrime 1024M, 3min 49sec 62ms
  • Der8auer (Germany): 2xCPU Cinebench R11.5, 5.51 points
  • Slinky PC (USA): 4xGPU Catzilla 720p, 62106 marks
  • 8 Pack (UK): 1xGPU 3DMark 2001, 192167 marks
  • Slinky PC (USA): 3xGPU Catzilla 1440P, 26861 points
  • Dancop (Germany): 3xGPU Catzilla 720P, 68122 points
  • Dancop (Germany): 4xGPU Catzilla 1440P, 30432 points
  • TeamAU (Australia): 4xGPU 3DMark Vantage Performance, 115358 marks
  • TeamAU (Australia): 8xCPU XTU, 2957 points
  • TeamAU (Australia): 4xGPU 3DMark11 Performance, 50993 marks

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United States steponz says:

what about my 3d11?

pretty fail.. as there were a bunch more..

Belgium Massman says:

The cut-off for Week 49 was Saturday 06/12 (week starting on Sunday). A lot of them were submitted on the 7th and 8th.

United States steponz says:

what about 8 packs 3d11 single?

United Kingdom 8 Pack says:

Team AU guys ragging it here!!! Crazy amount of records just dropped. Well done all.

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