HWBOT Upgrade to v.5.16.2: 8 Features, Patches, and Bugs

As the attentive HWBOT member knows, the development work of HWBOT is split in to three major projects. We develop for HWBOT (http://hwbot.org/), HWBOT Prime (http://hwbot.org/benchmark/hwbot_prime/), and OC-ESPORTS (http://oc-esports.io/). In a previous news item we announced the new features in the HWBOT Prime benchmark application. In this news post we give you an overview of the release items of HWBOT v5.16.3.

We hope you like our work. As always, if you have any feedback feel free to drop a message below!


  • HWBOT-1598: Banned user #1 in the Enthusiast League
  • HWBOT-1599: Profile pages of blocked users are broken
  • HWBOT-1603: Log in broken when localisation feature uses different language


  • HWBOT-1555: Restrict "Remove from Contest" to access to moderators only
  • HWBOT-1586: Competition pop-up: add an extra clarifying line if the benchmark is wrong


  • HWBOT-1574: News title in forum links to http://forum.hwbot.org/
  • HWBOT-1601: Prepare translations file for strings that have not been translated
  • HWBOT-1604: Store manufacturer WR / GL / HW records in separate table.

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