The Overclocker Issue #32 Out Now: Interview with Pepinorang, Looking Back at MSI MOA 2014, First X99 Reviews, and The OC Show #6

The Overclocker magazine is back! Issue #32 a great interview with French overclocker Pepinorang, a duo of X99 motherboard reviews, a long an interesting editorial on the evolution of (commercial) overclocking, and of course a new fresh episode of The OC Show #6.

Once again a fantastic read!

Click here to read The Overclocker Issue #32


Belgium Massman says:

Episode #6 can be found in [URL=""]Issue 32 of The Overclocker[/URL] [quote]In each episode, Pieter (Massman - HWBOT) and Tim (Xyala - OCTV) cover things that happened in the overclocking community. This includes upcoming events, new hardware releases, interesting overclocking records, benchmark discussions, and maybe even a tiny bit of industry gossip. "This is long overdue" says Tim, "but now that OCTV and HWBOT are both located in Taiwan, setting up this kind of initiative is much easier." HWBOT and OCTV have collaborated on several productions in the past. The OC Show marks as a first long-term scheduled partnership. For the 2014 season finale of "The OC Show" (S01E06), join TIm and Pieter from the Moscow Cyber Stadium to have a chat about: [list][*]The MSI MOA 2014 Finals [*]The ASUS AOOC 2014 Europe Fina [*]The OC-ESPORTS.IO competitive overclocking platform [*]The HWBOT World Tour 2015 and World Series [*]Upcoming competitions by Galax (GOC), JagatReview (AOCT) and HyperX (HOT)[/list] Relax, grap some pop-corn and enjoy the show.[/quote] [CENTER][ythd]NuSSWjcfrJ0[/ythd][/CENTER]

United States steponz says:

Not really sure why people keep saying there were no failures at moa... My card is severely messed up and never really worked and why I couldnt bench the 3rd round... I find it very troubling when there is a hardware failure and no second card as backup... That took me out of the comp.... Especially when media received cards a d I still don't have a working card and I had to do a lot to be in the conpetition.. Last time I'll be at moa..

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