HWBOT Prime for Android v1.1.0 Released

With the OC-ESPORTS project development roadmap on schedule, we took some time to look at the HWBOT Prime for Android application. In order to improve the support for competitive overclocking on Android based devices, we added a couple of new features to the App. In the newly released version v1.1.0 you'll find support for direct submission to competitions, but also additional tools to report unknown devices.

Below a list of all new features


  • HWBOTPRIME-24: Team not linked to user for submission via hwbot prime
  • HWBOTPRIME-25: Submit all results, not just the user's best


  • HWBOTPRIME-26: Ability to register from the app
  • HWBOTPRIME-27: Include support for Mobilegeeks competition

Sub Task

  • HWBOTPRIME-28: Feature for people to report an unknown device

You can download the HWBOT Prime for Android v1.1.0 straight from the Google Play Store. For more Android overclocking information and rankings, check out our Android Zone.

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