Must Read! HardwareAsylum: "Overclocking Competitions: About the Player not the Hardware"

Even though overclocking is now a mainstream term, only in very rare cases you will see media cover the topic of competitive overclocking in-depth. Of course there are plenty of overclocking event or competition reports, but usually those articles only cover the happenings during the event.

In HardwareAsylum’s latest article we get to read something completely different. Over the span of five pages, Dennis Garcia concisely lays out what he believes is missing from overclocking competitions. The focus, as he puts it, should shift from the hardware to the overclockers. Specifically Dennis mentions viewing overclocking as mainly a source of marketable record achievements.

We will not spill the beans on the entire article in this newsflash report. I urge you all to read the article at


Slovenia tiborrr sagt:

The problem with proposed system is that the overclocking is then not pushing the limits anymore, but rather series of trial&error attempts of hitting the correct results.

France Wizerty sagt:

"needs to remove “bin” from the equation" : I'm agree, this is why I don't like contest where you bring your own hardware... On MSI classic, take random hardware, so bin is already out from the equation. Even with good stuff, if you don't know how to use it, you will loose. If you don't know hardware well, you will run out of time for sure. Sometime you pick a really bad piece of hardware, and it's done for you, but that's the game. To win you need skill and luck.
In contest where you bring your own hardware, you will always see the same 2 or 3 guys. No chance to win for people with less money, less sponsor, less contact...

To remove bin : switch rig during contest ?
Example 8 rig for 8 contestant, you choose randomly a cpu, but at the end of the stage 1, every team give it back, and new random pickup.... For cpu it could work, but for VGA, with insolation... not sure

Money need to be removed from the equation, or small prize like 1000$ or 2000$. Money didn't match with fair play and sport spirit... More money = more cheater = less fun

I also think trying to be "close to target" is not overclocking anymore. I like to push more and more, seeing score increase.... without it, there is no more challenge. You will enjoyed to see F1 race if the goal is not to be the fastest, but to make a lap in 1min and 26s ? it look boring to me.

United States Redmax sagt:

Thought I might chime in and address some of the concerns/questions.

First off, the article is still talking about overclocking it is just a shift in the competition format. As with everything you need context and perspective and while it could be viewed as "trial & error" so is any "sport" I used Golf to help describe the sports dynamic and competition structure. Using the same analogy every hole on the golf course is a "trial & error" unless you practice and the professionals practice all the time. Every F1 race is "trial & error" but good drivers can find the fast lines around the track.

Its still overclocking and, if anything, it is a throwback to an older style of overclocking where if you need 30FPS in your games then you figure out how to get 30FPS in games.

@wizerty The money aspect is incidental and can never be completely removed. The hardware we use to overclock costs money and people are given a choice on how much they are willing to spend. I do agree that competition shouldn't be about who has the deepest pockets and by removing "bin" you open up the challenges to different hardware. For instance at MOA everyone used the same processor, if you change to a challenge based scoring system you could use a 3770K or a 4930K. The "remove bin" concept is just removing the need to have a golden chip to win and to add more variance in the point structure.

Competitions are stagnant, I'm just proposing a system that would add some excitement. In the past overclocking was compared to F1 racing and I believe that is still true but only in a record based system. A challenge based system is more like Golf, Football, Soccer etc.. where you play a game.

Canada Vinster sagt:

Good Read. Vin

United States sin0822 sagt:

Cool, nice job Dennis!

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