Translation Update 26/11: Major Improvements in Farsi, Simplified Chinese almost up-to-date

The translation project is in the hands of our fellow Taiwan-based colleague Xyala and has seen tremendous progress over the past couple of months. With the effort and power of the community we are working on translating HWBOT in 15 different languages. Currently we are beta-testing the French version and we found a couple more lines that have to be translated.

In the update today we see a massive improvement in Farsi, a translation project headed by Olesius. We also see a nice improvement in Simplified Chinese which is now nearing completion. Thanks everyone for the effort and dedication!


France Taloken says:

Is there a topic or something to report bugs translation ?
There are some template miss/error in the french translation.

Very nice to see this bump in globalization :D

Iran Game Theory says:

nice ali tnx for evry thing

Iran I M A N says:

very good . ali tnx

Iran mustanggt says:

good job man.thanks a lot. . . .

Belgium Massman says:

Ready to beta test another language :celebration: :celebration:

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