OC-Esports v1.1.1 Released - 8 Bugs, Features and Improvements

Our new competitive overclocking platform OC-ESPORTS.IO is in beta testing phase from October until the end of December. We are preparing the 2015 launch based on the many positive and not-so-positive feedback from the community, trying to squeeze in as much fixes and usability enhancements as possible. Last weekend we released a patch version v1.1.1 which includes 8 bugs, features and improvements.

The most noticeable new feature relates to the Country Cup 2014 competition. On the stage tabs, clicking on the county points will now serve a pop-up showing the individual submissions of the participating users.

You can find an overview of the resolved bugs, new features and improvements below.

New Feature

  • On stage and round page, clicking stage points should show you the related submissions.


  • Improperly displayed popup when the ranking is lower on the page and there are multiple submissions
  • Custom banner shown on round page, but not on the stage page of that round
  • Long names don't show properly on leaderboard table
  • Fix gelid image url


  • Add the banner of a competition page as image meta so Facebook picks it up when previewing the page in a shared link
  • Road To Pro: add links to users/teams
  • Login isn't that user-friendly

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