Matose from LAB501 Breaks PiFast World Record Live At Dreamhack HyperX Booth with Z97X-SOC Force LN2

It's one thing to find a "gem" CPU, but something else to put it to use and score golden cups. Matose from stumbled upon one of those golden CPUs and during Dreamhack Romania broke the PiFast World Record. The record was in the hands of TeamAU since Computex 2013 - that's a year and a half ago. For the record Matose uses a Core i7 4770K ES clocked to 6.7GHz, the limited edition GIGABYTE Z97X-SOC Force LN2, a pair of HyperX ticking away calculations at DDR3-2800 C8-12-8.

Monstru wrote a complete article on the overclocking adventures at the HyperX Dreamhack booth at You can find the article here.

Matose has been on a benching spree lately scoring not only the PiFast World record, but also a bunch of top-10 and First Place results. An overview below:

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