Futuremark Acquired by Underwriters Laboratories

In a press release, Underwriters Laboratories ("UL") announced the acquisition of Futuremark. UL is a 120 year old independent safety science company which focuses on safe working and living environments. With the acquisition of Futuremark, UL aims to develop a new business line in testing technological devices.

Jukka Mäkinen, CEO of Futuremark quotes: "In recent years, we've expanded on to new platforms, our software has been adopted by the European Commission and national governments, and we've welcomed more of the world's leading technology companies into our Benchmark Development Program. We've accomplished a lot on our own, but with UL, we're in an even better position to achieve our goals." - What this means for our beloved Futuremark product line is not entirely certain, but the press release does mention that UL plans to increase investment in Futuremark's product development.

Full Press Release: http://ul.com/.

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