Zzolio Achieves Catzilla 1440P 1xGPU Global First Place With MSI GTX 780 Ti Lightning and Z97 Mpower

Zzolio was one of the contestants of the MSI MOA 2014 Grand Final last week in Taipei, Taiwan. Finishing 12th out of 18 the Danish overclocker scored below his rank and reputation. After all, he is currently 7th in the Overclockers League. To prove that he had an off-day at the finals, Zzolio re-tested the GeForce GTX 780 Ti Lightning MOA Edition at home and set a new Global First Place in the Catzilla 1440P 1xGPU category with a score of 14274 points.

For this he used a combination of the Core i7 4790K clocked at 5500 MHz using cascade cooling, the aforementioned GTX 780 Ti at 1923/2050 MHz, a pair of G.SKILL TridentX memory at DDR3-2800 C9-12-12 and the MSI Z97 MPower motherboard. For those who don't know, this is in fact the same system as used on the MSI MOA 2014 Classic Battle final. Earlier today Zzolio also showed his best Fire Strike result with this system: 17166 points. This results in a 8th poistion in the global ranking and more importantly it's by far the best Haswell + GTX 780 Ti Fire Strike result in the database.

For those interested, this result would have put Zzolio at 56.05% in the third stage of the MOA 2014 Classic Battle and he would have moved up to second place with 152.9 points! But of course, this is talk after the facts. In any case, those are some impressive results. Well done, Zzolio!

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