Four Different Intel CPU Architectures in Q2'15: Broadwell, Skylake, Haswell Refresh and Haswell-E

According to a report on, "Intel will have a total of four CPU product lines for the desktop market in the second quarter of 2015: the new 14nm Broadwell series and Skylake-S series which are both set to launch in the quarter; the existing 22nm Haswell Refresh series and the overclockable Haswell-E series". For motherboard manufacturers that means not only overtime, but also careful inventory and production line planning. After all, we'll be seeing Z87, Z97, X99 and the new "Z170" chipsets being used on the different motherboard.

For overclockers, that means we will have at lot more to play with. At least, that's what we can hope for since an overclockable version of Broadwell has not officially been confirmed yet. In any case it looks like we'll be having heaps of fun at next year's HWBOT OC Gathering at Computex 2015!

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