8 Pack First To Acquire Over 3000 Points In Overclockers League

The HWBOT Overclockers League has a long-standing tradition of the world's best overclockers featuring at the top of the leaderboard. From K|ngp|n to Hipro5, AndreYang to HiCookie, NickShih and many other legendary overclockers feature at with their flag next to that big Number One. 8 Pack from United Kingdom has joined this exclusive club a while ago, but just before the weekend he managed something none of the other overclockers managed. He is the first overclocker to pass the mark of 3000 points in the Overclockers League!

Admittedly, back in the early days there were simply less points to earn as through the various revisions and point algorithm adjustments the League points changed over time. The HWBOT Leagues and their points structure are currently in its fourth revision. Points can be earned across the Global and Hardware categories and depend on the amount of competition in the category as well as your position. The sum of your best 15 Global and 20 Hardware scores contribute towards your League total.

Even though there are many aspects to take in to consideration, it does not make 8 Pack's achievement any less impressive. With a current lead of 600 points over #2 Smoke from Russia and 700 points over #3 TeamAU, he is dominating the League. Speaking of Smoke, it would be careless of 8 Pack to rest on his laurels. Smoke grew his points from 1620 to over 2400 in less than a month and may challenge 8 Pack sooner than later ... to be continued!

(PS: 8 Pack currently has 3 World Records, 12x Global First Place and 47x Hardware First Place - not too shabby either!)

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