Updated Haswell-E X99 BIOS Download List and Statistics - NATA 58 from Italy Top Haswell-E Submitter

It's been about two weeks since the last update of our Haswell-E X99 BIOS thread, so this morning we uploaded all the new BIOSes provided by mainly (or rather solely) Stasio. You can find the full list of updated BIOSes below.

We also refreshed the Haswell-E statistics. Rather impressively we find Italian overclocker NATA 58 to be the most active Haswell-E overclocker. He has submitted almost 300 results! That is about 9% of all Haswell-E results we currently have in our database. Whats also interesting is that the Core i7 5960X is by far the most popular Haswell-E processor. We have to go back to the Gulftown Core i7 980X to see the most high-end SKU of the X-series platform be the most popular at HWBOT. For Sandy Bridge-E and Ivy Bridge-E the most popular processors were the Core i7 3930K and 4930K respectively. In other news, we see that water cooling is the most dominant cooling utilized by the overclockers. With 67% of the submissions cooled by water it is significantly more popular than liquid nitrogen, which is at only 17%.

We also had a peek at the usage rate of the new X99 platform compared to the previous high-end platforms. We are currently in the third month post-launch and see that the user activity is a bit better than the two previous generations of LGA2011 platforms. It is still too early to tell if the Haswell-E platform will become as popular and widely used like the Gulftown platform four years ago.

The list of updated BIOSes:

  • ASRock X99 Extreme6 1.50
  • ASRock X99 OC Formula 1.40
  • ASRock X99 Professional 1.40
  • ASRock X99 WS 1.60
  • ASUS Rampage V Extreme 0802
  • ASUS X99-A 1004
  • ASUS X99-Deluxe 1004
  • ASUS X99-Pro 1004
  • ASUS X99-S 1004

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