8 Pack Breaks 3DMark Fire Strike World Record With 4x MSI GeForce GTX 980, MSI X99S XPower AC and G.SKILL Ripjaws 4

Admittedly we published this news article yesterday, but as it turns out 8 Pack's previous score did not have the right screenshot verification so the article was pulled. In the meantime, the record was taken by Smoke from Russia, who pulled out a plus-four-point back-up score. But as 8 Pack hit solid ground coming back from Taiwan after MSI MOA, he uploaded his own backup to counter Smoke's. That was quite the rollercoaster-ride!

8 Pack, the current leader in the combined Overclockers League, attended the MSI MOA 2014 Grand Finals as one of the judges. After the event, he teamed up with Pepinorang from MSI and attacked the 3DMark Fire Strike record. With 4x MSI GeForce GTX 980 Gaming graphics cards, the MSI X99S XPower AC and a set of G.SKILL Ripjaws 4 memory, he set a new milestone for the benchmark: the first (and third) 40K in 3DMark Fire Strike!

The setup was of course cooled with Liquid Nitrogen. The Core i7 5960X was clocked to a relatively low 5625 MHz, below what the CPU is presumably capable of. This may be a sign of backup results! The four graphics cards are clocked at 1950 / 2025 MHz - the core clock 25 MHz higher than in his previous score. This is quite a bit below the frequencies the cards can achieve in single card mode, but that is to be expected when running four cards in SLI.

Congratulations to 8 Pack, Pepinorang and Der8auer (who prepared the cards) for achieving the milstone. Let's wait for more!

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