Learn How To Overclock GIGABYTE X99 With Sofos1990 and Sin0822's GIGABYTE X99 OC Guides!

The article has been on the web for a while so we assume every GIGABYTE X99 overclocker has already studied this long guide. The Greek top overclocker Sofos1990 joined the OC Lab this year and he made quite a detailed write-up of everything you need to know to overclock the GIGABYTE X99 motherboards. From OC Ignition over OC Gear to OC Trigger Switch, it's all in there. There's also a quick-guide on how to use the GTL Tweaker software for those that don't already know how to operate the easy-to-understand GUI. Have a look at it here and enjoy the read!

PS: over at TweakTown, Sin0822 posted a Core i7 5960X overclocking guide with the SOC Force as well. Just in case you need a second tutor. You can find it here.

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