Christian Ney First To Hit Target in Stage 1 of GIGABYTE Target OC Competition

Busy with the coverage of live events, the news of the GIGABYTE Target OC competition slipped our mind. But now that we're back in office on full throttle, we can relay the news of Christian Ney being the first to hit the target in Stage 1 of the competition. Submitting a lightning fast 1 second after opening of the stage, Christian Ney out-submitted MarineOC, VVojtas and A. Coppens.

To help out the contestants for the next stages, Christian advises to have several tabs open to submit the result as fast as possible. His strategy consisted of submitting three different results: one at 8 seconds before the deadline, one at 6 seconds and then another one 3 seconds before the deadline. The first one was submitted too early and the submission engine refused the score. The second submission passed through and eventually resulted in winning the prizes of USD $400.

Note that "spamming" the server may cause additional latency for all your submissions. In other words, it is essential to plan out a limited amount of submissions.

The competition background for the next stage is now available for download. The target is 2967.55 points in HWBOT Prime. If you want to be eligible for the lucky draw prize give-away, you must participate in this stage (even if you don't hit the target). Good luck everyone!

More information on the competition page. Also check out the competition on our new competition platform!

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