Updating the AMD Piledriver Super PI 32M 5GHz Challenge: Radi and Newlife Take Top Spots

Once in a while overclockers like to do other things than only hunt for golden cups and competition wins. The low-clock challenges for SuperPI are a great way to reduce stress and learn the platform better. In the Piledriver challenge, newlife from Australia and Radi from France managed to outscore Calathea who had the most efficient run for a while.

In the just-now updated leaderboard we see Radi in first place with a time of 14min 19sec 468ms, Newlife in second with a time of 14min 19sec 578ms and Calathea in third with a time of 14min 20sec 156ms. A close battle for sure!

Result Overclocker CPU Memory
14min 19sec 468msFranceRadiA10-6800K @ 5000.00 MHz1184 MHz 7-10-7-20
14min 19sec 578msAustralianewlifeA8-6600K @ 4996.70 MHz1185 MHz CL8 10-9-8 1T
14min 20sec 156msSwedenCalatheaAthlon X4 750K @ 5000.00 MHz1333 MHz 9-12-12-24 2T
14min 23sec 375msBulgariaI.nfraR.edFX-8320 @ 4996.00 MHz1060 MHz CL7.0 7-6-20 1T
14min 29sec 672msUSABonesFX-4300 @ 4993.00 MHz1079 MHz CL6.0 10-8-27

From the looks of it, Newlife is trying to get the upper hand on Radi again. The challenge in particular is to clock the NB as high as possible and of course to focus on the memory frequency and timings. We look forward to seeing the next batch of results! More information:

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