French Volunteers (Akane, Marine_OC, Wizerty) Translate 23% of HWBOT In 8 Days

On September 11 Timothée re-kick-started the HWBOT translations project. To keep the explanation short, volunteers who want to see HWBOT in their native language take it upon themselves to form a team of enthusiastic translators. Since the site has a lot of lines to translate (approximately 3000), translating is hardly a one-man job. Thanks to the enthusiasm of the community, we can see great progress already. Especially the French team has done extraordinary work translating almost a fourth of the entire site! Amazing and deserves a round of applause!

If you want to get involved in the project, drop Timothée a mail at and he will guide you in the right direction.

Thanks to everyone dedicating their free time to HWBOT and overclocking in general!


GENiEBEN says:


France Strat says:

I'm in. What to do?

GENiEBEN says:

Finish before me :D I'm at 1%, easy.

K404 says:

I'd offer to translate to Scots, but I guess the aim is to have MORE people understand, not fewer.

Finland Mean Machine says:

K404 said: I'd offer to translate to Scots, but I guess the aim is to have MORE people understand, not fewer.

Like this?

Belgium Teemto says:

If you need people to translate in Dutch/Flemish, let me know.

Belgium Massman says:

Zou awesome zijn, Pascal! => [email][/email] <= :D

K404 says:

Mean Machine said: Like this? That guy is all over the shop.

Ehhhhhhh. Naw! That guyz a pure space cadet.

United Kingdom ObscureParadox says:

I've never heard anyone from Scotland say anything with dizzle before.................

K404 says:

dRizzle, on the other hand....... :D

France Xyala says:

Update: I'e fixed the translation lines calculations - everything should calculate the right number now. we've also added quite a few more languages, recap of the current languages on track: (listed by order of progress) - Chinese: 65.58% - French: 44.36% - Romanian: 36.89% - Spanish: 18.28% - German: 3.13% - Japanese: 2.45% - Portuguese: 1.17% - Indonesian: 0% Newly added: (contact me to join the translation teams) - Italian: 0% - Dutch: 0% - Ukrainian: 0% - Arabic: 0% Any other ones to add - contact me ;) => Note to be head of translation of take part of the translation, make sure you can dedicate a bit of time each week so progress can be made. Also, make sure to have good language skills (both english and your language) to make sure things go smoothly. Thanks.

Poland Dziarson says:

people that eat frogs do not understand English (now its ok %-) )

Poland ludek says:

Stop trolling you idiot

Poland Dziarson says:

Im not throotling iam spaming %-)

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