ASUS Open Overclocking Cup 2014 Final Teams Known - Exquisite Line-up!

From August 15 until September 15, overclockers from around Europe and CIS could qualify for the final of the ASUS Open Overclocking Cup 2014. The final will be held end of November in Moscow, Russia and features 8 teams formed by each two overclockers. The first seven teams are formed by the top-14 of the qualifier ranking and one team by the two best Pentium G3258 Anniversary Edition overclockers.

The team formation process for this competition is quite unique. To quote the competition page: "The Top-14 of the contest qualify for the ASUS Open Overclocking Cup 2014 Final. The winners are divided in two groups. Group 1 is formed by the positions 1 to 7, Group 2 is formed by positions 8 to 14. Starting with the winner of the qualifier going to #7, the overclockers in Group 1 can select a team member from the pool of overclockers in Group 2. The overclockers will be paired in a team to compete at the Final."

You can find the table of teams below. You will be able to follow the final competition at HWBOT live! You can find more information on the Qualifiers on the ASUS Open Overclocking Cup 2014 Qualifier competition page.

Good luck everyone!

Team Overclocker Rank Overclocker Rank
Team #1 8 Pack#1 Der8auer#11
Team #2 Dancop#21 BenchBros#55
Team #3 Wizerty#5 TerraRaptor#108
Team #4 Alex@ro#265 Perica_barii#37
Team #5 Mortisboy#42 FireKillerGR#230
Team #6 Smoke#10 _12_ #28
Team #7 Xtreme Addict#6 Giorgioprimo#75
Team Pentium AE John_White#114 Maedhros#76


Belgium Massman says:

Good luck everyone!

Kazakhstan John_White says:

Good luck!

United Kingdom 8 Pack says:

Team 1 looks strong!!

GENiEBEN says:

How many packs-strong?

Greece junior-21- says:

Good luck guys!

United Kingdom 8 Pack says:

GENiEBEN said: How many packs-strong?


France Xyala says:

Rock'n Roll see you all there- another epic event coming up this year :) Love it. Awesome job Asus!

Poland barti27 says:

Good luck!

United States Splave says:

I bet anyone that a European or Russian team wins!

websmile says:

Splave said: I bet anyone that a European or Russian team wins!

Your wisdom is only beaten by your luck at cpu binning :D

unknown 149 says:

Splave, who knows :D

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