Antinomy Joins HWBOT Staff As Hardware Database Manager

With this news article we want to wish Antinomy a warm welcome in the HWBOT family, as he joins the staff to look after the Hardware Database. Antinomy is just like our lost friend Turrican a walking encyclopedia of hardware and will be able to curate the database with great care and attention. We are happy to have Antinomy on board and wish him a happy stay.

Thank you for taking up this task and welcome!

The processor of requesting hardware to add to the database remains the same as before.


Belgium Massman says:

Thanks for stepping up Antinomy. It's really appreciated! :)

Kazakhstan TerraRaptor says:

Good choice! Antinomy knows too many things about hardware to be just a community member. Hopefully he will merge all those 1sub categories in Geforce 6xxx/7xxx.

Russian Federation Antinomy says:

Thank you! TerraRaptor, I'm better at CPU than GPUs so will need some memory refresh (Tref that is :D ). Contact me and tell what needs to be fixed and I'll try to find some time to check and work it out. P.S.

The processor of requesting hardware
sounds nice. Now I'm the hardware database processor :D

Germany der8auer says:

Thanks for your help, Antinomy and welcome to the Staff!

Germany Hyperhorn says:

A good step for a sad reason :(

Good luck Antinomy!

Greece OGS says:

Good luck Antinomy :)

STORM1978 says:

Good luck Antinomy

Russian Federation ZFeSS says:

Good choice for database processor :D

Germany Don_Dan says:

Welcome to the staff! :)

United Kingdom ObscureParadox says:

The right man for the job! Have fun Antinomy

Aleslammer says:

Good luck & have fun, have a lot of respect for you sir, strait forward and to the point with a wealth of knowledge.

Greenland Jogibaer says:

Good luck Antinomy.

Greece TASOS says:

Very good choice for that position.

Good luck Antinomy.

Greece sofos1990 says:

Good luck!

Puerto Rico MrPaco says:

The right person for the job :)

Antarctica Trouffman says:

Welcome to the Family !

Russian Federation Antinomy says:

Thank you for the warm welcome!

United States Mr.Scott says:

WTG Alex.
Now don't become a stranger at CP because of this. :)

Russian Federation Antinomy says:

I'm not Scotty. Too little activity but I read the forum every day ;)

United States Mr.Scott says:

Antinomy said: I'm not Scotty. Too little activity but I read the forum every day ;)

I was just teasing you. You know you're always welcome. :)

Kazakhstan John_White says:

Antinomy, congratulations!

Canada Vinster says:

Congrats. Great person for the job Vin

kotori says:

Sorry late, I didn't notice until now, congratulations Antinomy-san!!

Australia macsbeach98 says:

WTG Anti you are the perfect man for the job.:)

Russian Federation Antinomy says:

Thank you, my Classic friends :)

United States Bones says:

You're more than welcome - You are truly deserving of your spot on the moderating team here, a real asset for the site.

Russian Federation Antinomy says:

Thanks, Bones. Nice to see such a support from everyone.

Kazakhstan TerraRaptor says:

Why you guys say Antinomy knows a lot? When I asked him how to enable hyperthreading on Pentium MMX he just sent me "LOL" but didn't reply...

Belgium Massman says:

You can just download hyperthreading, man. Everyone knows that ...

Kazakhstan TerraRaptor says:

Thу links I've found are for AMD cpus only. Help me please.

Christian Ney says:

I dont know about HT, but you can download moar ram for sure link

Ukraine MaJ0r says:

Missed that topic. I want to say: Congratulations Antinomy!

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