Update HyperX OC Takeover Far East Qualifier: Uncle Fester's Results Approved

After the final whistle of the HyperX OC Takeover 2014 Far East Qualifiers, Uncle Fester informed the HWBOT staff his results did not enter the competition even though he submitted on time. Our initial stance on missing a competition deadline is simple: if you submit too late, your results are not valid. However in case of force majeure, for example a server outage, we look at a case on an individual basis.

The staff took its time to evaluate the situation. We checked the database logs and found that Uncle Fester had indeed attempted to submit all three results to the competition page. For unknown reasons, only the XTU submission passed before the deadline and the three others were submit past the competition deadline. We know the site was fully functional at the end of the competition since other competitors were able to submit, but cannot exclude a problem server end. As advice we would like to stress that last-second submissions are always risky.

Based on the following arguments, the staff has decided to approve Uncle Fester's post-competition results:

  • 1) Submission attempts were made prior to the competition deadline
  • 2) One of the submissions passed, the others were submitted shortly after the competition deadline
  • 3) We cannot exclude a problem server end, or confirm a problem user end

The final competition ranking is updated on the competition page. The qualified overclockers for the final are TeamAU, Uncle Fester and DFORDOG.

The HWBOT Staff