Sharing the Presentation of HWBOT at Caseking Gamescom 2014 Booth

HWBOT attended Gamescom 2014 and gave an overclocking presentation at the Caseking booth. Roman "Der8auer" Hartung, Timothée "Xyala" Pineau and Pieter-Jan "Massman" Plaisier entertained the crowd with this presentation (includes videos!).

You can also find some pictures on our Facebook page here, download the high-quality PDF here or watch the introduction video on YouTube here.


Belgium Massman says:

I'd recommend checking out the PDF if you want to see higher-quality pictures :)

Belgium Massman says:

Oh, and many thanks to Caseking for having us and Roman for entertaining the crowd!

Germany QAI says:

Damn, I was there but didn't see you, too bad.

Antarctica Trouffman says:

Dat video is jsut EPIC !

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