Hardwareluxx (Dancop + Icke&Er) Wins GIGABYTE EOC 2014!

Last Friday we attended the GIGABYTE EOC 2014 live overclocking competition in Heilbronn, Germany. Five German teams and one Swiss team competed for this year's title of best overclocker. In a tight race between PC Games Hardware and Hardwareluxx the latter eventually won the title and was crowned German GIGABYTE overclocking king for at least one year.

There were in total four stages to tackle: XTU, CPU Frequency, SuperPI 32M and Memory Clock. Due to the Hynix MFR memory the teams were lacking the memory performance in the XTU and SuperPI 32M stages. Nevertheless we saw some interesting results. The winning scores for each of the stages are and the final ranking can be found in the tables below

Overall Ranking

1GermanyHardwareluxx68 pts
2GermanyPC Games Hardware65
3GermanyAwardfabrik58 pts
4SwitzerlandTeam Switzerland45 pts
5GermanyTeam Hardwarereaktor Reloaded19 pts
5 pts

Stage Winners

Stage 1 - CPU-ZdeAwardfabrik6578.06 MHz
Stage 2 - Intel XTUdePC Games Hardware1275
Stage 3 - Memory ClockchTeam Switzerland2106.3 MHz
Stage 4 - SuperPI 32MdeAwardfabrik 5min 6sec 375ms

You can find all information of this competition on the competition page. We've also uploaded a whole bunch of pictures for those who want to check out all the happy faces!

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