Hideo (Team Katana) Sets New Top Score For 2xCPU XTU: 585 with Core i3 4370 at 4207 MHz

Even though overclockers enjoy binning and 'clocking the unlocked dual core Pentium G3258 Anniversary Edition, for the dual core XTU category the CPU cannot compete with the performance of the hyperthreading-enabled Core i3 series. The Core i3's are locked, though, so the overclockers are forced to push the BCLK as high as possible and of course tune the memory. The 2xCPU category has been quite interesting to follow since the margins between the scores are so small.

Yesterday Hideo from Team Katana set a new top score in this category: 585 points with a Core i3 4370 at 4.2 GHz. The memory was tuned to an interesting DDR3-2652 C8-11-11 (Samsung IC). With this score Hideo is now leading the tables with 7 points advantage over MikeCDM and 13 over L0ud_sil3nc3. Congratulations!