Zzolio Destroys Heaven DX11 1xGPU Record During MSI MOA 2014 Qualifier

It took a while for the EMEA overclockers to get traction in the Class A Qualifier for MSI MOA 2014, but recently we've been seen a couple of top scores. Dancop, Vivi and Moose83 had a score up in the global top before before Zzolio destroyed the competition last night. With a score of 5756.22, Zzolio is 70 points faster than the current second in the competition 8 Pack. That's an impressive lead knowing that positions 2 to 7 are also within 70 points! Zzolio used an MSI Radeon R9 290X Lightning clocked at 1600/1775 MHz, of course cooled with liquid nitrogen.

With Rbuass also featuring in the top-5, 4 of the top-5 Unigine Heaven DX11 1xGPU results were achieved during the MSI MOA 2014 Qualifier. Looking further down the line and adding up MikeCDM and Wizerty's scores, that makes 7 out of 10. Not bad! The EMEA qualifier ends on August 15.