Overview of the Intel XTU Integration Project by HWBOT

We recently prepared an overview of our XTU integration efforts in the past 13 months. In a brief presentation we detail the process from XTU application to HWBOT submission and continue from submission to Rookie Rumble participation and eventually HWBOT League participation. For those interested in numbers and statistics, we've also included basic "key performance indicators". The most interesting one is probably the 400% increase in active users per week over the past 13 months.

Just wanted to share!

(PS: high-quality PDF for download here)


Belgium Massman says:

Now, let's convert the Rookies in to hard core overclockers! :-)

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

Vision is nice, I always cared about Overclockers and tried to help noobies in my country or abroad, even if it wasn't working for me well. I appreciate each idea, project to extend our OC community. But I don't think it's so easy... Let's QUOTE statements from the other topic, I think I am a good example, cause I am considered by some ocers as one of the best in the world, according to my achievements especially live events, it might be true. My first LN2 ocing was in 2007, more frequent and serious from 2009

"You're Elite If ...

1.you get a personalized version of overclocking software (eg. Afterburner Extreme) on a regular basis
2.you get beta hardware for beta testing overclocking capabilities
3.can request motherboard bios versions with special overclocking features
4.you have access to special publicly unavailable XOC or coldslow VGA bioses
5.you receive hardware for the sole purpose of overclocking
6.you get invited to private overclocking events organized/sponsored by industry"

1. Yes I get this regularly for about 1 year now.
2. No, never happened, only bought few ES from blackmarket before the launchday
3. Yes, sometimes few vendors will take it seriously and prepare it. It works for about 1 year now.
4. Yes.
5. Yes.
6. No and yes, depends what you mean by this. I was invited as participant to big ocing events like AOOC 2012 or GOC 2013. For private ocing events or secret events testing beta hw hosted by industry no. I co-organized few events with some vendor support (hardware), but it was my initiative and private $ for flight tickets, hotel, LN2.

So 4 out of 6 or 4.5/6, depends how to count. I have no idea how HWBOT wants to encourage rookies to evolve to elite league.

In my honest opinion firstly HWBOT should focus on encouraging current Extreme and Elite ocers to stay and be more active, than creating rookie plans now, cause more and more of us are leaving this hobby or are thinking about quitting, I start to miss many of my OC friends. Total abandonment or just come back to origins when OC was fun and no one cared about PR exposure for vendors/WRs, just ocing for fun, if there was WR it was great, now it's like "you got a board for 150-200 euro" and you didn't get any WR... so you are banned, a and no one cares. Maybe it's a black scenario, but it appears to be true nowadays. Of course some things are getting better - like more live events and so on, but slowly it appears there are fewer and fewer serious ocers to compete and finally live events will disappear too.

I don't want anyone to feel it as personal attack or just complaints, I just want to show the problem and that there are more important things to focus now. Cause one day it can be too late when half of the best ocers quit their rankings.

Argentina nacho_arroyo says:

Good comments Michael, and am agree with u also. Cheers

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