XTU 5.1 With Haswell-E Support Now Available For Download

With the Haswell-E platform launch coming in a fortnight or so, Intel has released the XTU version supporting XTU on its download website already. Version is the latest version of the XTU software and has as key feature support for the new Haswell-E platform.

You can download the version HERE. Enjoy!


Belgium Massman says:

XTU with 8 cores should be interesting ...


Philippines dhenzjhen says:


GENiEBEN says:

What is is up with devs using this ridiculous version scheme, the software is what, 1 year old? It releases refreshes every couple months yet it's already at v5.

Belgium Massman says:

XTU is actually quite old; it's been around since Nehalem launch. For each new architecture there's a new major version release.

United States Splave says:


Philippines dhenzjhen says:

Supports multiple procs or UP only?

Philippines dhenzjhen says:

I just tried with dual E5 2687W V3 3.1ghz doesn't open just stucked into that XTU black screen image and circling cursor.

EDIT: OS is win7 64 and chipset installed also.

United States dumo says:


United States VSG says:

Haswell-E is launching in a fortnight? Great news!

United States Lutjens says:

Dhenzjhen can you please run AIDA64 Extreme on your V3 and let us know what it shows for Min and Max multiplier under the Motherboard entry?


United States Lutjens says:

Dhenzjhen, it would be awesome to know what it AIDA64 shows for the E5-2699 V3 Min/Max multiplier as well if you can spare the time...

This should show if the processors are unlocked, even if run on a server board.

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