MSI Z87-G45 Gaming Most Used Motherboard For Intel XTU in 2014

The XTU project launched almost 13 months ago and since then the active XTU user base of mostly enthusiast overclockers grew by 400%. Almost every week we see XTU activity reach new heights and we are very happy to see so many people interested in overclocking. We were curious to find out which is the most popular Haswell motherboard amongst XTU overclockers and found that the MSI Z87-G45 Gaming is the most used! MSI's gaming series have done fairly well in the last couple of months as the Gaming 5 and Gaming 7 are doing very well too.

Looking at the brand usage figures in 2014, we see that MSI is leading with 34%. ASUS powers 26% of the systems and GIGABYTE 16%. It's great to see MSI leading so much new blood to the world of overclocking!

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