Dhenzjhen Benchmarks USD $27,000 Worth Of CPUs: New Cinebench R15 World Record!

And here we sit, complaining about the cost of a GeForce GTX Titan-Z, staring at Dhenzjhen's Cinebench R155 world record. With a double pair of Intel Xeon E7 8890 V2 processors, each worth almost USD $7,000 and equipped with 15 cores and hyper-threading, the man from the Philippines set a new Cinebench R15 record. The 120 threads (yes, you read that right) clocked at 3.2 GHz pushed out a score of 6713 points. That is about 400 points higher than second place and 4700 points higher than 20th place.

I can honestly say I will probably never be able to challenge that score, but seeing 120 threads produce this kind of a monster score makes me smile anyway. I don't think this is the best setup in terms of points per dollar, though.

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