Lab501 Covers All Overclocking at Computex 2014

Lab501 published a nice article about all the overclocking events hosted at Computex 2014. They talk about the Intel OC Challenge, HyperX OC Takeover, G.SKILL OC World Cup, GIGABYTE's booth at the 101, Galaxy's overclocking activities and of course the HWBOT OC Anniversary Gathering. A must read for anyone who wants to know what went on in the first week of June.

Read full article here: click.

Well, I wasn’t kidding when I said this year’s Computex was packed with overclocking events, was I? Hundreds of liters of liquid nitrogen were used, tens of overclockers from all around the world attended, tens of thousands of dollars were won, and countless hours of work (but also fun) were invested in these events. And something else happened – inevitably things changed, and they will probably continue to change. You cannot always say a change is good or bad, but this is what I have noticed in most of this year’s events.

First of all, it is all becoming professional and it is heading away from an amateur type of sport and competition. Most of the overclockers in Computex were either employees of companies, either contracted to have a show in a company’s stand. This is not a bad thing and I think it is normal for some of the guys to enjoy the fruits of their labor and work in the industry doing what they love. And it was easy to notice that the companies also get something important out of this, since many of the overclocking contests were won by company teams.

Second, the prizes are getting bigger and bigger, but at some expense – there are no more world wide qualifiers and big regional finals. Now an overclocker has to pay for his flight and accommodation if he wants to enter the competitions. Of course, this allows for bigger prizes but also takes down the number of people who are actually participating, and you end up with “world” championships with less than 10 people.

Another thing – in most of the competitions, the overclockers were allowed to bring their own hardware. This is a good thing because it guarantees that you will see huge numbers and world records, but it has nothing to do with the concept of fairness and sportsmanship as you imagine it in an amateur (think olympics) type of competition. As I said, it is all going pro."

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