Find The Top ARM Overclocking Results with The New X86/ARM Filter Feature

With the introduction of HWBOT Prime for Android a while ago, we made our first steps in overclocker for non-x86 and Windows platform. Overclocking on ARM devices - usually smartphones or tablets - is not new and there is a fairly large community of Android tweakers out there as we learn from the interview with Semeon. We have put up an Android zone for those who are keen on playing with their Android devices, including a Mobile Masters table and of course a reference to the top Android overclocking results.

Very recently we have also added an x86/ARM filter to the benchmark rankings. This filter allows you to scope a ranking to ARM-only results. The filter is available for all benchmarks but is of course only useful for those benchmarks which support the ARM architecture. The most interesting ARM-based ranking is the one for HWBOT Prime right now.

We hope you enjoy this new feature! You can find the HWBOT Prime ARM ranking here

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