Toppc Hits 6842 MHz on Core i7 4790K Devil's Canyon with MSI Z97 XPower AC

Just a week after the official launch of the Intel Devil's Canyon processors, Toppc submitted a 6842 MHz CPU-Z validation with the Core i7 4790K. For this he uses an MSI Z97 XPower AC motherboard and close to 2V on the CPU. Looking at the CPU-Z Frequency ranking at HWBOT, we see that the 6.8GHz is still quite a bit off the best Haswell validation (which is well over 7 GHz).

I suppose we will see more of Devil's Canyon in the future. Keep you guys updated!


Belgium Massman says:

Fyi, delidding works too



So isn't solder? :-(

Germany der8auer says:

obviously not. They just said improved TIM. Even if its just 0,5°C better it's "improved"

United States Splave says:

^what this guy said

Denmark riska says:

It is just the same cpu with better tim on it nothing is changed on them thats my 5cent on this matter

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