Zzolio Hits 89% Hardware Point Allocation - 18x 40pts+ Scores!

Overclocker Scores Points

Everyone at HWBOT is familiar with the workings of the Overclockers League. The league table is based on the sum of a user's fifteen best global benchmark results and twenty hardware benchmark results. This ensures a balance between the overclockers who spend time binning the newest hardware and those who prefer competing with older hardware. To reach the top of the league, you preferably have a solid foundation of hardware points and top up your account with as many global points as possible.

Both hardware and global points are assigned to scores based on two parameters: activity in the ranking and your score's position. Being fifth in a highly competitive ranking may yield you more points than being first in an uncompetitive ranking. The maximum points for a hardware ranking is 49.9 points. In the HWBOT database there are only 25 hardware rankings with the maximum amount. Luckily there are 233 rankings with 49.5 or more points for the top spot. The mathematicians amongst our readers now know that the maximum allocation for hardware points in the Overclockers League is 998 points.

Note that the maximum point allocation for second place is 39.9 points.

We had a peek at who is the best hardware overclocker and discovered that Danish overclocker Zzolio is by far the best overclocker in terms of hardware points allocation. Eighteen (18) of his top hardware scores are top in their respective ranking and yield 40 points or more. In total this brings Zzolio 886.9 hardware points, which is 89% of the maximum! On second place we find Sofos1990 who 'only' has 13 scores yielding 40% hardware points (733.5 pts).

We can conclude that Zzolio is definitely amongst the best overclockers in the world. He is two scores away from a near-perfect game in terms of hardware points. Adding two more 40+ scores would bring him to a solid 97% hardware point allocation. On the right you can find a list of the ten users with the most 40+pts hardware scores.


Belgium Massman says:

18 scores with more points than what the best silver cup yields, that's amazing! Great stuff Martin!

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Great ranking there! Well done Martin

Iran Amateurs says:

This was the best part of overclocking in hwbot for us. We have great cards for 6 or more gold cups but unfortunately we are both tired and retired(maybe later)... Great job dear Martin.

TaPaKaH says:

Any way you could check the all-time record? I think I had 32 such scores at some point :)

EDIT: this actually not a bad idea for an achievement: having 1/5/10/20 such scores :)

Ukraine sergii.ua says:

Why maximum is 1247.5 ?
"The list is limited to your top 20 submissions, which contribute to your league rank."
20*49.9 = 998

United States Splave says:

Great bencher

Germany Moose83 says:

Really great man :)

Belgium Massman says:

sergii.ua said: Why maximum is 1247.5 ?
"The list is limited to your top 20 submissions, which contribute to your league rank."
20*49.9 = 998

Wow, I must have been sleeping! Of course you are right!

France Wizerty says:

Really nice, and congrats to zzolio and sofos ;).
Can you add the total amount of hardware point ? (not only the 40+ submit but the 20 best submit ? hardware point FTW ;)

United Kingdom 8 Pack says:

Ragged it Martin!!

Denmark zzolio says:

thanks all I am going try to get 99% when I get a new CPU

Denmark riska says:

Yuo have done alot of Work to get there and we will find the last hardware to get you the last scores to get full 20 scores in gold my freind

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

Congrats :)

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