[Lab501] Computex 2014 – GIGABYTE launches GA-Z97X-SOC Force LN2

GIGABYTE just launched a new overclocking motherboard, built specifically for LN2 overclocking. They removed the mounting holes around the socket and moved the two memory slots closer to the CPU for better signaling. At the press launch just a couple of minutes ago, the GIGABYTE Performance Team formed by HiCookie, Dinos22 and Sofos broke the memory clock world record! The new record is now a flat DDR3-4500. Rumors go that the HyperX memory sticks still have plenty of headroom left and there's more to come during this Computex.

In addition to the new world record, the team also demoed a memtest stable Corsair Vengeance at a stunning DDR3-3800. Pretty strong memory overclocker!

More information and pictures over at Lab501.net.

(Uploading the overclocking screenshots right now)


Belgium Massman says:

Breaking the world record live on stage - priceless!

Belgium Massman says:

This is the epic Corsair kit

Belgium Massman says:


Australia zeropluszero says:

do you mean kingston?

Belgium Teemto says:

So we still have to drill our own mounting holes where it says X ;-)

TaPaKaH says:

I didn't know that mounting holes were a luxury overclockers could do without :D

Christian Ney says:

Thanks, now I know what's the topic of my next video/tutorial :D

France Bap2703 says:

Just remove the socket retention mechanism => 3 holes at your disposal.

Alternative: for watercooling I am actually using a system with no holes.

United States Gunslinger says:

Looks pretty nice except for the no mounting holes

United States sunset1 says:

who makes that block :>

United Kingdom ObscureParadox says:

Can someone explain to my why the mounting holes were removed other than for better efficiency?? Seems like a massive inconvenience when wanting to mount a pot now.

CL3P20 says:

so ... center press is the way to mount now? or cookie and dinos are too leet for insulation and traditional mount.. just vas baptism and bare pot on IHS? *never thought that 4 holes not existing could be so befuddling...

Christian Ney says:

Don't worry, it comes bundled with a drill. It's a nice feature, you are not forced to use the standard holes, you are free and can make your own. Take that Intel monopoly. I am more worried about the memory slots being so close actually. I will need to buy a slim cpu pot :p

GENiEBEN says:

RMA: -But sir, there are holes in it. -No no, it's a feature.

Christian Ney says:

-But sir, there are holes in it.
-No no, it's a feature.

- Why would you do such a thing?
- Cuz they were missing, duh! How am I supposed to fix the cooler...

United Kingdom ObscureParadox says:

In all seriousness though, how much space is there for two parallel holes?? There looks to be way too many tracks around for that.

United States steponz says:

How would you drill holes? There's traces going through that whole area.. i would just use a fatty gpu pot on cpu.. or not hold down.. I'll make sometging for my own use .

France Wizerty says:

Something new.... need to test it :). GJ guys

Belgium Massman says:

Board should be on sale from today. Very limited quantity though :p

Romania Monstru says:

And you can use VGA pot for CPU if u want a slim one :)

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