Sharing HWBOT Enthusiast Report: HWBOT Analysis Report 2007-2010

One of the perks of working at HWBOT is the access to a vast database of information on the hardware usage of overclocking enthusiasts. Personally, I enjoy analyzing data-sets to find meaningful patterns or trends and we usually share the findings with our partners. Most of the information we share comes in the form of "market share" reports, detailing which brands and products are used most amongst enthusiasts. Sometimes we dig a little deeper and share a finding directly with everyone. For example, that's what we did for the research on the low-end overclocking community. Sometimes we also post the information in public forum threads, like for the Z87 platform.

In the next couple of months, we will try to upload these reports and share the information with the community. The first report we share is an Analysis Report from December 2010. It includes information on the following topics:

  • Mainboard Brand 2007-2010
  • Mainboard Brand 2010
  • Mainboard Product 2010
  • X58 Brand 2010
  • P55 Brand 2010
  • H55 Brand 2010
  • AM2+/AM3 Brand 2010
  • CPU Product 2010
  • VGA Brand 2010
  • VGA Product 2010
  • Memory Brand 2010

If you have any specific requests, let us know in the forum and we'll see if there's any report we have to upload!


Belgium Massman says:

Hope you guys enjoy reading these!

United States Strong Island says:

Thanks for posting this kind of stuff for us.

Canada Rasparthe says:

Will there be more recent reports posted as well?

Belgium Massman says:

Yes, just need to sort through them :)

South Africa DrWeez says:

Thanks Pieter, what would be really cool would be if we could sort the data by a geographical area to try and tie up with events or brand exposure to see if what we try and do for a brand has any effect. Trying to prove ROI can be tricky and I guess this data would require the people exposed to actively take part on hwbot.

Belgium Massman says:

Hm, I'm not sure if the geographical data would be useful. Our pool of data is large enough to accurately measure "the enthusiast" in general, but per country it's a lot more difficult.

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