Poll: What 3DMark Preset Should Get Global Points? UPDATE 11/06: Global Points Enabled For 3DMark Fire Strike

Following Futuremark's announcement of the new 3DMark Sky Diver benchmark, we are hosting a poll to check the community's interest for enabling global (and world record) points for another 3DMark preset. Currently only Fire Strike Extreme is available for HWBoints. Anyone with a minimum of 5 submissions and registered since yesterday can vote for any number of the benchmark presets.

You can find the poll in the sidebar on the right (not the image!).

Update: based on the results from the poll, we have the following results.

User Pct. Poll Option
58.29%Fire Strike
36.90%Cloud Gate
29.95%Sky Diver
24.06%Ice Storm Extreme
22.46%Ice Storm
16.04%None of the above
15.51%Ice Storm Unlimited

We will enable WR, GL and HW points for 3DMark Fire Strike. For the other benchmarks we will start a new poll to decide if hardware points should be added or not. The poll will be available in the sidebar shortly!

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