Broadwell for Desktop Postponed to Mid-2015 and We May See 18-Core Unlocked Haswell-E Xeons

Reading through VR-Zone's excellent news items, I stumbled upon two interesting Intel overclocking related articles.

The first item deals with Intel moving Broadwell for Desktop from Mid-March to ww21-26 in 2015. Knowing that Intel's ww1 starts the last week of January, ww21-26 indicates a period around Computex 2015. That would definitely make for an interesting show next year as well. According to a document sourced by VR-Zone China (link below), the low-power variants of the 14nm Haswell architecture are still on schedule. Brian Krzanich (CEO) promises devices on the shelves by the holiday season.

In another news item published a week ago, Nebojsa Novakovic writes about Intel's plans for this year's Computex. Of course the main point of the tradeshow is the Haswell Refresh CPUs with in particular the Devil's Canyon K-SKUs. The most surprising line of the article deals with something completely different however. Nebosja writes, "Add to this the rumoured confirmation that, unlike their predecessors, Haswell-EP Xeons, including likely the 14-core and 18-core flavours, will have several top bin un-locked and even liquid-cooling optimised variants meant for HPC, workstations and high frequency trading, and you can guess the implications: the Haswell-E and Haswell-EP platforms will again be the overclocker’s heaven."

Unlocked 18-core Xeons could possibly have a dramatic effect on the overclocking community as these would unlikely to be sold at an affordable price point. The most expensive Intel Xeon CPU today sports 15 cores and comes at a price of (hold on to your chairs) EUR €5,500. Just imagine a system with one overclockable 18-core CPU and two GeForce GTX Titan-Z graphics cards. Anyway, the author writes the speculation off as a rumoured confirmation which means this is not set in stone yet.

In any case, we are looking forward to this year's Computex and hope you do too!


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