The OC Show Episode #3: Computex 2014, G.SKILL OC World Cup, HWBOT OC Anniversary Gathering and Elmor Interview

With the new issue of The Overclocker published last week, there is also a new episode of The OC Show. In the third episode, we look forward to the overclocking activities at Computex 2014. We mainly focus on the G.SKILL OC World Cup competition and the HWBOT OC Anniversary Gathering. We also have Elmor on as guest and talk about his work on EVC, what it’s like being an in-house overclocker and the overclocking industry in general.

In case you don't know what The OC Show is about:

"As The Overclocker moved to a new publishing platform, Neo (editor-in-chief) informed us it is now possible to embed videos in the magazine. He suggested to embed an OCTV video in each magazine. The response from OCTV was very positive, and quickly the idea rose to do a bimonthly chit-chat talk about overclocking related topics.

In each episode, Pieter (Massman - HWBOT) and Tim (Xyala - OCTV) cover things that happened in the overclocking community. This includes upcoming events, new hardware releases, interesting overclocking records, benchmark discussions, and maybe even a tiny bit of industry gossip. "This is long overdue" says Tim, "but now that OCTV and HWBOT are both located in Taiwan, setting up this kind of initiative is much easier." HWBOT and OCTV have collaborated on several productions in the past. The OC Show marks as a first long-term scheduled partnership."


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