HWBOT Prime for Android Update #7: New record for Ftlaudman with Shield at 1.9GHz + Snapdragon 800 over 3GHz!

It has been a week since our last HWBOT Prime for Android update and a lot has happened. If you remember from last week, StrategosSan had the lead with an Infinity Pad 2 clocked at 1912 MHz. This device sports the same Tegra4 like the Nvidia Shield and after rooting his device FTLAUDMAN from the United States took back gold in the overall Android ranking.

In other fascinating news, another overclocker from the USA, Semeon22, managed a solid 3270 PPS with his D920 Nexus 5 clocked over 3 GHz. That is quite amazing for a Snapdragon 800 SoC. We couldn't find any device pictures, but are eager to find out how he manages to keep the device cool enough it wouldn't throttle.

Great benching everyone!

StrategosSanTransformer Pad Infinity 2 TF701T 32GB (Asus Taurus)34041912
Semeon22D820 Nexus 5 NA TD-LTE 16GB32703014
LethargyD820 Nexus 5 NA TD-LTE 16GB32172880
Indy.tofD820 Nexus 5 NA TD-LTE 16GB31372803
HiwaG2 D802 4G LTE 16GB31272803
cramerstationSM-N9005 Galaxy Note 3 LTE 32GB31012726
CMDR_SolD820 Nexus 5 NA TD-LTE 16GB31002726
MarquzzTegra Note P164030461810
NatzakariaD820 Nexus 5 NA TD-LTE 16GB30412572

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