The Single Core Battle Is On! L0ud_sil3nc3 vs MikeCDM vs SniperOZ featuring Xeon L3014

Most of the attention at HWBOT goes to the enthusiast grade hardware. Haswell, K-SKU processors, Z87, liquid nitrogen, and so on. We tend to forget that this community overclocks more than just the latest-greatest and is in fact passionate about any type of hardware. That is why I was quite pleased to see the single core HWBOT Prime record runs at the top of the front page this morning.

When looking more in to the results, I noticed there was actually a small battle going on in the 1xCPU HWBOT Prime rankings. Over the course of two months, five people have touched gold with the Xeon L3014 processor. That Xeon processor is at the moment the best choice for this particular benchmark ranking. On the right hand side I've included the list of the last record holders and what we see is quite interesting. L0ud_sil3nc3 is by far the most active on this leaderboard as he is defending is #1 position quite strongly. MikeCDM is his latest contender, but also SniperOZ from Australia seems to be giving his best.

I think I speak for everyone when I say I'm looking forward to seeing how far the Xeons can be pushed. This processor features the old Wolfdale micro-architecture which is known to be capable of over 600MHz FSB. The highest so far is 583MHz FSB, so at first sight it seems there's a little headroom left. But how much?

Follow the 1xCPU HWBOT Prime leaderboard here

Date Name Score Processor
24/04/2014l0ud_sil3nc33042.04Xeon L30145254 MHz
24/04/2014Mikecdm3039.14Xeon L30145261 MHz
22/04/2014l0ud_sil3nc33038.44Xeon L30145218 MHz
22/04/2014SniperOZ3034.05Xeon L30145211 MHz
7/04/2014l0ud_sil3nc33026.46Xeon L30145197 MHz
5/04/2014l0ud_sil3nc33003.79Xeon L30145089 MHz
5/04/2014l0ud_sil3nc32927.41Xeon L30145132 MHz
1/04/2014SniperOZ2963.06Xeon L30144982 MHz
5/03/2014GRIFF2881.18Xeon L30144954 MHz
4/03/2014GRIFF2766.15Xeon L30144500 MHz

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