Devil's Canyon Haswell Refresh To Be Released At Computex! Overclocking Party Ahoy!

We are a bit too late with the news - VR-Zone published this yesterday - but at least as excited as twenty-four hours ago. Based on a leaked internal document, it seems Intel will be releasing the K-sku Haswell Refresh on June 2nd. For those unfamiliar with the IT tradeshow calendar: that's right at Computex time. So similar to last year, we will see a major release for overclocking during the hot Taipei summer. That is great news for the overclockers attending this year's tradeshow!

For those who don't know, Devil's Canyon is the codename for the overclocking SKUs of the upcoming Haswell Refresh processors. Intel has promised improved overclocking capabilities by optimizing the Thermal Interface Material, although sources suggest the optimizations might be related to the Haswell silicon revision. In any case, Intel seems very committed to improving the overclocking capabilities. I guess they might have seen the "Sandy Bridge" light"?

We look forward to the first OC result leaks. C'mon China!

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