L0ud_sil3nc3 one-ups W1zerty and sets new 2xCPU XTU record with Core i3 4340 at 4070 Mhz

In the everlasting overclocking rankings at HWBOT, records fall pretty much every day. Sometimes they are shattered, sometimes see only a slight improvement. But not very often the improvement is literally the size of a one-up; a single point increase over the previous record. Well, that's happened last weekend.

Using a Core i3 4340 at 4070 MHz, L0ud_sil3nc3 from the USA scored 551 points in XTU. In the 2xCPU category, that is exactly 1 point more than the 550 points by W1zerty and his Core i3 4340 at 3930MHz. A small score increase for a fairly large jump in CPU frequency, it seems. L0ud_sil3nc3 already stated he "will rerun this with memory on cold", so expect another top score incoming soon.

Well done!

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